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Hardwood Floor Maintenance Guide

How to protect your floors:

You’ve just had your floors refinished, here are a few tips to keep your floors looking new:

  1. Place a mat at every entry/exit point of your residence to prevent debris from getting tracked in. The bigger the mat, the better. Tracked in sand and small rocks create micro-scratches on the finish, ruining the floor’s sheen and wearing through the protective layers of polyurethane.

  2. If you ever spill any liquid, clean it up immediately. Untreated spills seep into the wood, causing the hardwood to expand and cup.

  3. A waterproof mat by the kitchen sink is a must have. If will prevent water from falling on the floor and seeping through the cracks.

  4. If you have a rolling chair, make SURE you are using a mat underneath it.

  5. If you have pets, make sure water and food bowls are placed over a waterproof surface. Also make sure your furry friend’s nails are always groomed.

  6. Do not allow people to walk on the floors with dirty shoes on. We recommend going barefoot, wearing socks, or having inside-only slippers/shoes.

  7. Make sure you are using the right products to clean your floors. More on this on the “How to clean your floors properly” section below.

  8. Use felt pads on your furniture! Make sure all the furniture legs are protected by felt pads. Chairs, sofas, and beds are items known to cause problems. Dining rooms and kitchens are the areas that wear out fastest and have the most damage due to chairs and stools being dragged directly against the hardwood.Here’s a direct link to amazon where you can buy felt pads:

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