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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors are the heart of every residence. Every once in a while it is good to freshen up the floors and make sure they are protected for longevity and aesthetic reasons. Don't wait to until your floors are ruined to sand and refinish!

When sanding and refinishing, we strip your floors down to the bare wood and restore them to their original condition.

What are the steps to sanding and refinishing hardwood floors?​

  1. Clear the flooring surface by moving everything off the floors

  2. Cover all exposed appliances, cabinets and furniture to protect against dust

  3. Start sanding the middle of the floors with a belt sander

  4. Sand the perimeter where the belt sander can't reach with an edging machine

  5. Scrape all corners and hard to reach places by hand

  6. Vacuum and do another pass with a finer grit on the belt sander and edger

  7. Remove any scratch/swirl marks from the floor with an orbital sander

  8. Buff the floors with a very fine grit screen to prep for staining or poly

  9. Vacuum the floors very well

  10. Water pop the floors to open up the hardwood grain and allow floors to dry completely (Only if staining a dark color, else you can skip this step)

  11. Apply stain to the floors and allow time for the stain to dry (12-24hrs). (Skip this step if you are not staining)

  12. Apply first coat of polyurethane to the floors. Apply more coats of polyurethane after the floors are dry. 2 coats are minimum, 3 is standard.

  13. After the final coat of polyurethane is applied, allow the floors time to cure. After the floors are dry enough to walk on, allow 48 hours before placing furniture and 2 weeks before placing down area rugs.

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